1kg-16 kg Graphite pouring Crucibles


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Great thermal stability, does not react with the solute, so the crucible makes for an excellent casting device for non-ferrous metal.

  1. The long-life: Service life more than 5 times that of common clay graphite crucibles. The life span for smelting aluminum metal alloy or zinc alloy is about 8 months.
  2. High-temperature resistance: up to 1900°C.
  3. Anti-causticity: The material formula effectively resists the physical-chemical function of the melt.
  4. High density: Adopting the most advanced isostatic pressure forming process in the world, the product internal organization is actually airtight, has no blemishes or porosity.
  5. High strength: Bending coefficient is larger than that of most crucibles, the machine strength is high, high temperature strength is good, strong pressure endurance.
  6. Less sticking slag: The smooth inner walls allow less slag build up on the crucible is less, effectively prevent reducing the heat resistance and the bulking, which reduce the probability of crucible deterioration and always keep the capacity of the crucible maximize.
  7. The low pollution: When considering the material process design and melting characteristics, there is low oxidization. All ACES crucibles, like all our carbon products, meet New Zealand and Australian Safe Water Drinking Standards.
  8. Economize metal: Raw materials contain special elements and can effectively repress oxidizing of metal.
  9. Antioxidant performance is wonderful: The Advanced oxidation mechanism provides the graphite in the crucible excellent protection.
  10. Conducting heat quickly: Conducting heat quickly allows for great energy savings and providing finished products faster allowing you to maximize our customer’s profits and showing a green initiative on saving energy.

Applications of Crucibles

Mainly used for copper, gold, argentalium, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and other non-ferrous metal smelting.

Description Top OD Bottom OD I.D. Height
1kg 58 47 35 88
2kg 69 57 49 87
3kg 85 75 60 105
4kg 85 75 60 130
5kg 100 89 69 130
6kg 110 97 79 174
8kg 115 105 84 176
12kg 150 126 96 210
16kg 160 138 110 220

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