Let’s start with our name… ACES Ltd stands for Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions Ltd. ACES, like many companies, started as a thought about how we could improve carbon graphite material applications to help companies improver their industrial processes. We started as a small group of skilled and talented individuals sharing a deep desire to improve the world in some a significant way.

At ACES Ltd we have developed proprietary products and processes that have proven to result in material /products that last longer and perform better than existing products. In some cases, so much so it just makes people just scratch their heads.

We pride ourselves as a customer service provider. When you call ACES….you will get to speak to live and knowledgeable expert that can address your challenge. Our primary goal is to help our clients improve their industrial processes with better performing products and services relating to carbon graphite and other applications. We talk to our customers on a regular basis and provide any assistance on making their business more efficient and profitable.

We love a challenge! Please feel free to contact us with your big challenge.

Josh — “When it started I worked a lot of late nights so that I could be available to talk to customers during the day.”

Emile — “I remember one night I would work, the next night Josh would and then I would pick him up on my way to work in the morning to take him home. Then he would sleep a couple hours while Jason delivered the parts.”

Jason — “It was hard slugging getting going but it had to be. Quality has to be in place to provide quantity.”

Originally we were making products for the mining industry, which is prominent in our area. We later started providing products such as vanes for dry pumps and degassing rotors and electrodes for molten metal industry, then electrodes to the energy storage industry and many many effective products to the precious metal refining industry. Today we are venturing into more carbon and graphite related industries valuable to our society.

By the beginning of 2014 we quoted our first project in the aerospace industry producing rocket nozzles. Each day brings something new and exciting. Each day we work to provide a unique and superior quality product to a new customer. We continue to push ourselves to improve our client’s position in their industry with better and more reliable product and service delivery and uniquely superior products. We are 100% Canadian owned!

We want everyone looking for industry leading quality, customer service and fast delivery times to think ACES Ltd is there for their Carbon Graphite & other needs.

We invite you to explore our website and products photos on the products page to see some of our work….and give us a call!