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Founded in Northern Ontario in 2011, Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions has brought carbon material technology to the next level.

By pushing the limits of traditional carbon, ACES is able to offer solutions once thought impractical or too expensive, for more efficient and cost effective applications.

ACES is not just a carbon graphite company but a customer service based company, offering products and services with the success of their client as the priority.

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February 2, 2016
ACES' recent research project leads to a treatment with advanced anti-oxidation…
December 1, 2013
ACES Carbon Graphite Electrode Plates are finding new use in the Nuclear Power…
December 1, 2013
ACES ongoing research with Georgia Institute of Technology has information…

ACES Green Efforts

ACES Green EffortsACES Green Efforts Program offers a time saving and environmentally responsible solution to disposal of post life cycle carbon graphite material.

Used products can be returned to the ACES facility where we redirect the material through a responsible recycling process to reduce ours and our client's environmental "carbon" footprint.

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ACES Green Efforts program.

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