Graphite is an allotrope (made from) of Carbon. Named by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1789, from the ancient Greek word “grapho”, meaning to draw or write for its use in pencils, where we commonly call it lead, which it is not. Unlike other allotropes of graphite, such as diamond, graphite is also an electrical conductor being a semi-metal.

Today at Advanced Carbon Engineered Solutions you can find us making products in industries such as Aerospace, Mining, Electrical and many more. We don't make pencils but the products we help create usually start with Werners creation, that is a drawing from a pencil.

  • In Aerospace, carbon graphite's thermal coefficent allows customers to literally build products out of this world. With our hands-on team we can consult and help produce products to a tollerance needed for special temperatures and speeds.
  • The Mining industry calls ACES for products included in all stages from exploration, extraction and production. Carbon Graphite is used for smelting precious metals. Now many ask the difference between smelting and melting. The difference is that melting is changing a solid state to a liquid state. Smelting is a method which includes melting but then also separating pure from impurities.
  • Electrical industry allows us to work with companies and University's to develop new products in the Fuel Cell, large scale Energy Storage and also many other electrode products. At ACES we work along side professionals and students in the field and the lab, where we hope to see the future unveil new and innovative green energy products.
  • We also have the ability to produce many other products for a range of industries. Just check out our products page.

Please do not forget that ACES is expanding each day and helping customers in many other industries. We look forward to disscusions from customers in every industry from all over the world. So don't hesitate to contact us for information or help with your next project.

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